What Is Payal Gaming’s BGMI ID, Stats, Monthly Income, And More (May 2022)?

Payal Gaming is among the most popular female content creators in the BGMI community. Let's take a look at Payal Gaming's BGMI ID, and more.

Krafton Inc’s BattleGrounds Mobile India is among the most anticipated and popular titles among players. This huge popularity of BattleGrounds Mobile India has given rise to many streamers in the process. These streamers irrespective of gender have amassed a huge community on various platforms. Many among them have made a name for themselves and become popular on YouTube’s BGMI community. These content creators have amassed a huge fanbase of millions of subscribers on YouTube. Here we will look at Payal Gaming’s BGMI ID, stats, monthly income, and more.

Payal Dhare popularly known by her in-game alias ‘S8ulPÄYÄL‘. She is a popular content creator in the gaming community. She is among the most popular female content creator in the Indian gaming community on YouTube. On her YouTube channel, she has recently completed 2 million subscribers. She amasses thousands of viewers on her interactive live streams.

Payal Gaming’s BGMI ID

Payal Gaming’s BGMI ID is among the most popular IDs in the game among her fans. This helps in improving her standings on the popularity leaderboards. Her in-game Id is ‘5120321397‘. She uses ‘S8ulPÄYÄL‘ as her current in-game alias.

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Stats and Ranks

Payal Dhare occasionally plays BGMI with her friends and random players during her live streams on YouTube. Despite she plays only for creating content on YouTube and for fun she has some pretty impressive stats in this season of BattleGrounds Mobile India. This reflects her understanding of the maps and her gaming skills on the battlefield.

Payal has secured to position herself on the Ace Master tier with 4796 total seasonal points. There are chances that she will secure the Ace Dominator rank at the end of the season.

In this season she has played 112 classic matches in the TPP squad mode and has got 19 Chicken Dinners as well. She has also reached the top 10 positions 76 times with her squadmates. Payal has managed to inflict total damage of 80140.8 and average damage of 715.5. She has maintained an F/D ratio of 3.16 and has outplayed over 354 enemies as well. She has managed to survive for an average of 15.5 minutes.

Payal Gaming is also a popular figure on Instagram and she is also an important member of the S8UL organization. As a content creator, she is also among the integral part of the 8bit Creatives. Payal Gaming has recently crossed a mark o over 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel by posting 419 videos. As per the reports by SocialBlade, Payal Dhare’s monthly income from her YouTube channel ‘Payal Gaming‘ lies between $1.4k and $21.6k.

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