What is the full form of NCC?

Do you know what is the full form of NCC ? If not then I want to tell you that as the name of NCC or NATIONAL CADET CORPS shows, it is a troop of cadets who are trained for the future. The word NCC also has another meaning which is THE FUTURE FORCE. The NCC has been created under the National Cadet Corps Act , whose original goal in 1948 was to create a trained future manpower who could later be enrolled in the Indian Armed Forces as a Civil Services.

What is the full form of NCC?
full form of NCC

NCC cadets are taught all the things that are taught during an Army training period. Whereas NCC cadets are always given first preference in Armed Forces because they know all about training in advance. In this all passed out cadets have that personality which is needed in the Forces. If you want to know more about the full form of NCC and NCC, then you will have to read this article in NCC full form . Today we will talk about NCC in our article, first of all we know what NCC means? Then let’s start without delay.

What is NCC?

NCC means ” Rashtriya Sainik Students Team ” and in English is called ” National Cadet Corps “. It was fullform but it is called NCC in short form.

If we talk about the establishment of NCC, then NCC was established sometime after India Independence on 16 April 1948 under the leadership of Pandit Haradaya Nath Kunjru and it was exposed on 15 July 1948. It was first started in 1666 in Germany.

The credit of which is given to the Government of the Uniteed Kingdom. When NCC was established in India in 1948, its headquarters was Delhi and today even today its headquarters is Delhi.

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Full form of NCC

The NCC has a full form National Cadet Corps (NCC) . At the same time, it is an Indian military cadet corps . NCC recruits cadets for itself from high schools, colleges and universities from all over the country. In this, basic military training is provided to Cadets for doing small arms and parades.

Second full form of NCC

So friends, let us know which are the other full forms of NCC, whose information you all should already know.

NCCNational Capital Commission
NCCNational Community Church
NCCNewCastle City Council
NCCNikko Cordial Corporation
NCCNondescripts Cricket Club
NCCNorwalk Community College
NCCNunawading Christian College

Origin of NCC

The NCC was created under the Indian Defense Act to address the shortage of Army.

NCC aims “MOTO”

The main goal of NCC is to provide assistance to the army, in which NCC has also been successful to a great extent. Discussion for NCC’s tagline started on 11 August 1978.

NCC had to select different taglines like ” duty, unity and discipline “. Later, after much discussion, unity and discipline were chosen.

The goal of NCC was to increase the qualities of discipline, character, brotherhood among the youth. The joining of military forces through NCC is also an advantage of NCC.

When is NCC Day celebrated?

National Cadets Corps (NCC) day is celebrated every year on the fourth Sunday of November .

Where is the headquarters of NCC located?

The NCC is headquartered in Delhi . You probably would have known that all the army of India, whether it is the site, the headquarters of the Air and the Navy is also located in Delhi.

Flag of NCC

The NCC flag was designed in 1954. It was a tricolor flag in which the three colors present are red, blue and sky. NCC is written in big letters in the middle of this flag. The border of the leaves has been made on the edge of it. Under the tricolor in the flag, there is the tagline of NCC, written in unity and discipline.

History of NCC

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru has contributed a lot to the development of NCC. He changed the NCC syllabus and made it much easier. The NCC syllabus included self-defense and war-level tactics. Under the NCC, training in weapons handling (training) is also given to the soldiers. Air was also added to the NCC in the year 1950. After that, A NCC became even more influential.

How to prepare for NCC

NCC preparations are made for school and college students in India. NCC is engaged in grooming the younger generation of the country among very disciplined and patriotic citizens. The Army, Navy and the Army comprise a triangular service organization. Anyone can join this organization (group) at their own discretion.

The person joining this group is given all kinds of training related to the military army. If you want to join the army, then you are taught how to stay there and how to face the enemy.

In NCC you are given ground level training. You must have seen many times a camp is organized in the village. The main purpose of setting up NCC camp in the village is to call the children in the camp and give them training. NCC is considered a triangular service organization. In which the three services of the Army, Air Force and Navy are included.

In NCC, children are trained to train small arms while training (training). NCC is known for its discipline and patriotism. In NCC, you are taught how to love the country and how to stay in discipline.

The NCC is actually a very big and good unit which is constantly working to shape the future of children in our country and is awakening the patriotic feelings of the young generation of India.

How to Join NCC?

We understood this about NCC, its origin, its establishment and much more, but now we need to know how to join NCC?

NCC members ” candidates are that some are students at the school of the college through which Shikshon” the school of the college ” Teachers Contact” ” Contact can be made.” With which those teachers help us join NCC. In which there is a small physical test for which a form has to be filled.

After that NCC training class starts. If you have NCC course in your school or college, then NCC is included in any school or college near you.

NCC is divided into 2 parts, first junior division, second senior division, any of these divisions have to join according to age “age” and class.

NCC Certificates

NCC also has certificates, which is the advantage that when joining NCC, many ” social activities ” social work is required for it and while doing these activities, leadership skills, communication skills are developed within the member.

As we know that after doing their training NCC candidates are given different types of certificates. We can use these certificates in many government jobs.

The advantages of these certificates are explained below: –

  • NCC cadets are given priority over state and central government appointments.
  • For those cadets who have NCC certificate, there is a seat reserve in the Indian Military Academy.
  • For NCC Cadet (Navy), there is a 6 vacancy and (Air Force) Air Force 10% discount in every corps.
  • Those cadets who have NCC BEC certificates do not have to take the written examination of the CDS in the Short Service Commission.

Every year on 26 January on the occasion of Republic Day and 15 August on Independence Day, NCC Cadets at the Red Fort of Delhi are definitely involved in the parade, attracting people from their parade.

NCC is under which ministry?

At the national level, NCC is under the Ministry of Defense and in all the states NCC is under the Ministry of Education.

What should be the minimum height for admission to NCC?

The minimum height for enrolling in NCC should be around 157.5 cms . The minimum height for women should be around 152 cms .

What is the age limit for admission to NCC?

In the first part, you should enroll yourself to get an ‘A’ certificate in NCC for two years and in this case you must be between 13–17 years of age . In the second part, you can enroll for ‘ B’ and ‘C’ certificate , but for this you have to be part of NCC for 3 years and you should be between 19–24 years of age .

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