What is the meaning of “hmm” in whatsapp?

What is the meaning of "hmm" in whatsapp?

Friends, you must have seen that if you talk to your friends, brother or friend on whatsapp, then the person in front sends you this msg to you hmmm. But everyone does not know hm m ka Matlab. If you also do not have any information about this What is the meaning of “hmm” and you also want to know, then definitely read this answer of mine.

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What is the meaning of “hmm”?

To say in easy language, hmmm this word has no meaning in any dictionary yet. People have started speaking this word like this. Because there is no information about this word in any dictionary.

Friends, if you want to talk to someone and if the person in front is not interested to talk to you, then sends this message to ignore you or you.

Suppose you like a girl and you want to talk to her but even after you message her repeatedly, she sends you the word hmmm, then you should understand that the person in front is not interested to talk with you is. This word is mostly used to ignore someone.

Friends, because this H mmm word does not have any particular meaning, so the second meaning of this hmmm word can also be OK because if you ask any question, then the person in front can send you this message, so this hmm ka The word Matlab can also mean OK.

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