What is the OP Meaning in PUBG Mobile?- OP & AFK.

PUBG Mobile has a massive player base across the globe and has developed a replacement format of in-game abbreviations and callouts that square measure quite indispensable for communication. whereas these abbreviations square measure common in PUBG Mobile, a number of them square measure used across the esports landscape often.

What is the OP Meaning in PUBG Mobile?- OP & AFK.
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A number of netizens wanted to know the full form of OP and AFK that is related to the PUBG Mobile. Today in this article we will describe the meaning of OP and AFK. These two abbreviations are commonly used inside the PUBG Mobile. 

OP and other abbreviations- What does it mean?

Abbreviations are commonly used in games or other fields. Basically, it shows the shortened form of any word. Here we are describing some of the common abbreviations that are used in PUBG Mobile. 

  • OP- OP means overpowered and it is used when a player overpowers the opponent enemy during playing a game. 
  • AFK- AFK means Away From Keyboard and it is used when player keep aside from the device at the time of playing. 
  • GG- GG Stand for Good Game and this abbreviation is generally pop-up after win the game. 

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PUBG Mobile has a large player base around the world and has created another set of abbreviated forms within the game and callouts that cannot be returned to the bar. While these shortcuts are very accessible to PUBG Mobile, some of them are used on the scene on a regular basis. Abbreviations are an abbreviated form of a word or expression. Here are a few summaries that each player should know.

What is the meaning of OP in PUBG Mobile?

The full OP form in PUBG has great potential. PUBG has a lot of abbreviations and phrases used in the game – one of the things players should learn when they first start playing PUBG Mobile. Players often use these terms or abbreviations to get their messages quickly. Let’s see the OP definition in PUBG, GG meaning PUBG, BT meaning PUBG, etc here.

The term OP isn’t solely utilized in PUBG however individuals use it in alternative games similarly. If somebody is victimisation powerful guns in PUBG Mobile like AWM or M416, you’ll conjointly say AWM is OP and M416 is OP (overpowered). Similarly, within the case of gameplay, one may say that your gameplay was OP just in case you grab your Chicken Dinner. Also, after you got some sensible clutches throughout solo vs. squad, your teammates will say OP.

PUBG Mobile is an online battleground game that has become the world no. one game. While playing the game most of the players feel trouble to understand the abbreviation like OP and AFK. It may appear weird to you if you recognize that there are types of OP within the game. 

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However, that’s a reality that there ar some kinds of OP whereas you’re enjoying video games particularly Multiplayer Battle Royale video games together with PUBG. If you think that strength and power to destroy your enemy is that the solely things that create a personality OP, you’re wrong. There are different things or states similarly wherever we will use OP.

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