Who is the Fastest Player in Free Fire in 2021?

who is the fastest player in Free Fire

Free fire is one of the most popular games played today across the internet. After PUBG was banned, Garena Free Fire occupied the space and players went crazy with its gameplay. For you, we have made a list who is the fastest player in Free Fire in 2021.

Although, there is no exact winner, but we have compiled a list of the best players rank wise. They have achieved a great speed and exceptional growth in short period of time. The list also depends upon the subscribers over the YouTube. Let’s read the world’s best player of 2021.

Top 5 Garena Free Fire Players in The World – Who is the Best Player in Free Fire

Sultan Proslo

who is the fastest player in Free Fire – Sultan Proslo

If someone deserves the title of “who is the best player in Free Fire”, the Sultan Proslo from Indonesian server takes the spot exceptionally. Around the world, he is ranked as the best player in the world. NESC-IND, the name of his guild has outreached level of grandmaster multiple times in the past.

He has over 9.5 YouTube subscribers. Name of the YouTube channel is Dyland Pros.

SK Sabir

This name is wildly popular in the Indian region and from the players in the Indian servers. SK Sabir has exceptional skills when it comes to Free Fire gameplay and expertise in the long-range combats, he is the best answer for who is the fastest player in Free Fire . Sabir has numerously won top positions in the Free Fire, and his guild name is BOSS.

Sudip Sarkar

Another famous name in the Indian region and server after SK Sabir is Sudip Sarkar. Sudip has found his place among the top 20% players in the world. With 5 million subscribers on YouTube, his channel with name Gyan Gaming is popular and watched by Free Fire enthusiasts. Sudip makes videos to give tips & tricks to the players, you can check his channel.


who is the fastest player in Free Fire

Another guess, who is the fastest player of Free Fire? None other than RaistaR will come to your mind, if you are Free Fire enthusiast. RaistaR is player of Indian origin and server. Free Fire community considers him the fastest player in the game. He literally plays games like a hack, if you watch him for the first time. Incredible speed and swift game motions. He is known for the highest headshot rate in the mid-range combat fight.

TSG Jash

If you are still not satisfied with the above players for, who is the fastest player of Free Fire, check on TSG Jash. One of the experts and skilled players in Free Fire. TSG has proven abilities to win matches with different ranks and have secured position of grandmaster easily. TSG Jash has his own YouTube channel – two side games. The joint YouTube channel has 6.1 million subscribers. For top game tips and Free Fire entertainment, check on his channel regularly.

Best Top 10 Free Fire Players 2021 – Who is the Fastest Player in Free Fire

  3. Sudip Sarkar
  4. Raistar
  5. TSG Jash
  6. Ajjubhai94
  7. NayeemAlam
  8. Bolt
  9. Rakesh00007
  10. GyanSujan

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