Who’s Your Daddy – A Game where a baby tries to kill itself

Can you ever imagine the game where a baby tries to kill itself, Who’s Your Daddy is a game where the baby tries to kill itself and the father’s job is to protect that baby. This is one cheap online game that gain popularity due to its concept.

In this article, we going to explain to you about this suicidal baby game, which name is Who’s Your Daddy?

who's your daddy game

Who’s Your Daddy?!

Yes, this is the name of game.

Who’s Your Daddy is a multiplayer game in which 7 players can play this game in which you can test your parenting skill in a competitive way where all 7 players can choose their role of father or baby in this game and father job in this game is to protect baby from certain death action, each time you protect you get point and the player who get more points win this game.

This is a very cheap online game where a baby tries to suicide and you are featured in the role of a clueless father whose work is to prevent his infant son from death. The home where you play this game has over 67 potentially ominous household items.

This game takes place in a two-story house with several rooms like Kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom, and the player’s work is to run into this house in search of a baby who tries to kill itself.

What does baby do in this game

This is a game where the baby tries to kill itself and you have to protect that baby. As I tell you this game takes place in a two-story house where a baby is moving here and there in a very terrifying way and you just become tired to control that baby from not doing anything which hurt him.

In this game, you come to a point when you think that is this baby is from any other alien planet because every time you save that baby run away and again visit any other location of the room and start trying to kill himself and your work is to run behind the baby and protect him or her to die.

How to play this Who’s Your Daddy game

Recently this game become so popular on different online gaming platforms you can play this game on your PlayStation, PC, and Xbox. This game is very popular because of the fun which you observe when you protect that baby from dying.

In this game, you get two characters and as this is a multiplayer game so both players have to choose their character one has to be a father and another player become baby and baby has to try suicide in this game and father work is to protect that baby from any suicidal action.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Who is your daddy in an online game?

Yes, Who’s Your Daddy is an online multiplayer simulation video game created by Joseph William where a player is a clueless father whose work is to protect a baby from dying.

  • What is the name of the game where the baby tries to kill itself?

Who’s Your Daddy is a popular name of the game in which the player is a father whose job is to protect the baby from dying in this game.

  • How Who’s Your Daddy game released?

This game is released by Joseph Williams who raised $1,500 through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and then he approved this game to be released through Steam Greenlight company and not this game won lots of hearts from all over the world.

  • Is Who’s Your Daddy on Xbox?

Yes, you can play this game on your Xbox. In this game, a player has features two different characters to play as the daddy and as the baby. In the multiplayer format of the game, both players can become a father and they can choose to be one as father and another player as a baby.

To participate in this game – you have to sign in to your Xbox console and the Xbox Insider app navigate to previews and then you get an option to choose Who’s Your Daddy.


If you reach this section then I think you read this article until the end and now you are ready to play the Who’s Your Daddy game online, just keep in mind that this is an online multiplayer game where you can check your parenting skill. Now, if you think this article provides you with complete information about Who’s Your Daddy, then do not forget to share this article and if possible then leave your valuable comment below.

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