Guide to complete the Windmill turbines mission in Fortnight

Energy is our need to life our life and to complete our need for the energy we use fossil fuels, those are non-renewable resources and that’s why we should use or depend on renewable resources. I think the developer of the fortnight game takes these words so seriously that he wants to teach us about how we can use the energy and in this process you get some windmill missions. 

In fortnite, you get different types of tasks every week and this gives you different types of awards so if you want to complete the windmill mission which you get in season 9 and week 5 of the fortnight video game then stick with this article and follow all the instructions which given below. 

Windmill turbines

fortnite windmill turbines

Windmill turbines are also used in our daily life because there are the tuenbines which are used to produce electricity with the help of wind energy. In the fortine game when you open thr map of season 9 you will observe lots of windmills in different gaming areas and at one stage you get a task to visit some of them. 

The easiest way to complete this mission is you have to open the map and wind turbines are in the surrounding areas of Pleasent Park. So, to complete this mission first you have to land that area and then move towards the areas of the map marked with red. 

To complete the challenge or task of windmil in the fortnite game you need to visit 5 of those windmil areas in a single match by keeping yourself safe. So, control your character in the best way and use the map to visit all 5 windmills which red crossed in a single match. 

Note – All the missions or challenges are very tough at the first look but when you try 1 or 2 times and visit their exact location then you can complete this mission. 

Fortnite wind turbines location

If you want to complete this mission then the most important thing you need to know is about the location of wind turbines. 

The question is – where you find wind turbines in fortnite is very simple because all the wind turbines are located at the same place and the location is on – northwest side of the map. 

When you open the map of fortnite then you see some red crosses on the northwest side of the map, those are wind turbines where you need to visit. 

All the wind turbines are visible from the air and you can see them from far away also. The first windmill is located in Pleasent Park and another is in Snobby Shores, all others are located in mountains. 

You will there is a total of 7 windmills and you have to choose only 5 windmills of them and when you reach there by surviving yourself will lead you to complete this mission. 


If you read this article then I think you understand everything about the windmill turbines mission of Fortnite. Just keep in mind that you get lots of windmills and you have to choose 5 of them and visit them all in a single match. So, if you think this article provides you with complete information then do not forget to share this article, and if possible then leave your valuable comment below. 

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