How to find Withered plumes in Destiny 2’s

Destiny 2 is one of the famous multiplayer first-person shooter video games which is developed by Bungie and this game was only available on Playstation, Xbox, and PC. This latest game is able to win lots of hearts from all over the world but Withered plumes is a stage where most of the people are stuck. So, if you are also in search of a guide to solve the mission of Withered plumes in which you have to find a circle of bones and complete the essence of obscurity.

So, stick with this article and follow all the instructions given below and get complete information about The mission of the circle of bones in Destiny 2.

Withered plumes distiny

How to finds Withered plumes in Destiny 2.

Circle of bones is a famous stage of this game in which you have to find the Withered plumes. Now, this stage will no longer be a trek for members, but this mission is worth the time it consume.

If you want to complete this mission then it requires to trekking to the ominous circle of Bones, but where you find that circle of bones?

In this game Withered plumes  is an item which is hidden somewhere on the moon, when you reach there and the spooky setting of Destiny 2’s shadowkeep expansion required to complete this quest and when you complete this quest and find Withered plumes then you get legendary weapon which you can use to find the cricle of bones.

The exact location of Withered plumes and circle of bones

Unfortunately, finding the circle of bones is not that easy as I said but from Sanctuary, head north until you are at the northern edge of the Hellmouth zone. So first, you have to reach the Hellmouth zone and then you should be standing next to a massive structure with openings on either side that reveal a passage into the lower level of Hellmouth.

You will observe an orange light at the end of the room which will guide you to the next area in this game and then you have to follow the passage and take a right then left and you get a wall where you will find a large opening and another cavernous passage. After that, you will have to jump across the game to the left and you should immediately see Circle of Bones will appear on your screen.

When you reach that your screen will start showing you the location of Withered plumes and then you are able to complete this stage and now you can use the SMG to complete this mission.


This article will show you the location of Withered plumes and the circle of bones in the stage of Destiny 2. Keep in mind that this is a very important mission and you need to be aware of all the other missions which you complete. Your experience and your high-quality guns will help you to complete this mission very fast. So, if you think this article provides you with complete information then do not forget to share this article, and if possible then leave your valuable comment below. 

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