World Famous Lover movie Download Direct Link 2021

World Famous Lover is like reading a 400-page novel, which has a beautiful section that runs for 100 pages in between.

World Famous Lover movie Download Direct Link
World Famous Lover movie Download Direct Link

Vijay Deverakonda and Rashi Khanna-starrer World Famous Lover is a film that falters with the idea of ​​turning one’s life into a book, or perhaps it is another way, where writing a book teaches you a lot about life .

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It oscillates between fantasy and reality, fantasy and non-fiction, and a captivating portrayal of romance and nothing about it is understandable. Another way to read the film is the story arises from a conflict between a woman who understands nothing about a writer’s block, and a man who is oblivious to his partner’s feelings.

Or maybe, it’s the story of a dreamer who wants more time to find his soul, but life keeps throwing lemons at him. Or could it be about a man, trying to trace his life through the stories he wrote? The world famous lover has traces of all these elements. The cone throws you out of balance because it doesn’t know how to create a strong conflict between the two lead characters.

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The film follows the lives of Gautam (Devarakonda) and Yamini (Khanna), who are in a live-in relationship. We are told that Gautam has finished writing a book from his corporate job, but Yamini becomes restless that he has not fulfilled his promises even after a year. She believes she has no attention, is lost in her own world, and is completely inconsistent with her feelings. When there are two strikes on these issues, it sets Gautam on a path to discover her voice, and proves to Yamini that she is still the person she loved.

When you break the fourth wall, the world-famous lover is very lucky, because he sees Gautama as a stream of consciousness, and talks to us about his life, thoughts of romance and his belief system. However, it is never clear why he does not share any of it with Yamini. When she tells him that he is no longer the same person, she refuses to accept his argument, and does not even try to tell him that he has already written enough.

It is impossible to know what he wrote, but given that his first work was a non-fiction book based on economics, we are forced to convince ourselves that he is struggling to find his voice to write fiction Huh. But he is hardly the face of internal conflict Gautama.

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The truth is that she is completely confused, and has no idea what Yamini tries to tell her. When she breaks down, saying that she has ruined her life, she proves it as a challenge that she can write well. It is between what she expects from him and what she understands is consistent throughout the film. This hardly gives us scope to sympathize with the reality of Gautama and Yamini. His reality is very boring, but then the director and writer of the story Kranti Madhav creates it with a beautiful imagination. This makes it difficult for a world famous lover to write completely.

In Madhava’s version of fantasy, Gautam turns into Senayya, a coal-mine worker, who is married to Suvarna (Aishwarya Rajesh). The two barely see each other but Suvarna loves him unconditionally, even when he starts flirting with an officer in his company (Katherine Trussa). This segment of World Famous Lover is very beautifully filmed and written, apart from the superb acting of both Aishwarya and Devarakonda, it makes you wonder if this is the real love story that Kriti Madhav wanted to tell.

There is one scene in particular, where Suvarna learns about Senayya’s Nawab’s fascination with a colleague, which breaks her heart. However, when she realizes that he is still a loving husband who cares for her, her tears immediately fly away. It is the romance and playfulness between the two artists. Aishwarya steals the thunder, and it is a pity that her heartfelt performance in a film is buried, which is so confusing what she wants to say. Then there is another version of fantasy, where Gautam meets Iza (Ijabel Latte), a pilot in Paris, and their fleeting romance makes you smile. Newcomer Izabelle is well cast in the role, and she makes a good impression.

The biggest lethargy is the writing, especially how it deals with Khanna’s character throughout the film. The actress turns her every energy and emotion into a heart-breaking performance but the film does not do justice to her. In fact, the entire third act of the film seems so preposterous and lazy that no one can help but feel bad for the actors who try their best to make sense of their arguments.

Deverakonda finds herself trapped in a film that demands too much of it, but her performance is as good as the writing in the film. He shines most as a coal mine employee, and is good as a radio station manager in Paris, but as a writer, he struggles to get a hold on what H will run home. Is trying

World Famous Lovers is like reading a 400-page novel, which has a beautiful section that runs up to 100 pages in between. After reading this, you probably want to revisit those 100 pages again and again because every sentence has a soul. If only the rest of the scenes of the film were beautiful such as the love story between Seenya and Suvarna.