How an Indian Project wins the award of fastest blockchain and sets the world on fire

How TechPay receives the fastest blockchain award :

Winning an award and beating the giants in the modern crypto industry is an uphill task to do. It has been achieved by the world’s fastest blockchain – Techpay. But how emerging blockchain technology could beat the big fishes and become the top trending cryptocurrency? TechPay Blockchain came with innovation and solved the issues currently affecting, or more appropriately slowing down, the other blockchains.

TechPay has emerged as an award-winning project worldwide whose importance cannot be denied at any level. TechPay is at the top because it has achieved noteworthy throughput of 300,000 transactions per second.

fastest blockchain
world fastest blockchain Techpay

You will be thinking that such a blockchain which is so fast cannot be secure or decentralized, but TechPay is the fastest, secure and decentralized at the same level.

So this is the answer to why an Indian Project outclassed all other cryptocurrencies and became the award-winning fastest blockchain in Crypto Asia Expo award 2022. Let us figure out the key features of this fastest blockchain technology and know about how progressive it has been in the industry.

TechPay is the fastest blockchain as Web 3.0

TechPay is an updated version in the crypto industry. It is a highly scalable blockchain because it has been continually refining itself. Blockchain 3.0 is highly scalable and secure. With its direct acyclic graph (DAG)  technology, it reduces block stretching and any delay in transactions.

TechPay is awarded as the fastest blockchain because it is ending the transactions at subsecond levels. So, such a fast blockchain it is – where other blockchains like Ethereum and Solana take so much time and lagging in transactions, TechPay has been successful in its fastest nature and coordinated blocks management.

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Real-Time transaction capability

TechPay is the quickest blockchain with each transaction time at 471 million sub-seconds. TechPay is using highly effective pBFT technology and the DAG consensus algorithm. Now it is possible to do real-life trade by TechPay with security, scalability and at the fastest speed. So all the qualities in one cryptocurrency became a basis for its award-winning performance.

TechPay has made it possible to do award-winning numbers and it urges industrial experts from finance, logistics, and banking to perform real time transactions at the fastest rate with minimal transaction fee. TechPay is a platform to digitalize the industry and all these capabilities make this Indian Project a worthy award winning performer.

Is scalability linked with fastest Blockchain award

Yes, scalability is also one of factors behind award winning performance of this blockchain but one should not neglect the top performance of blockchain in recent years by becoming scalable, secure and decentralized at the same time. This Indian Project has outclassed other layer 1 blockchains by beating the blockchain trilemma.

Blockchain Trilema is a beleived by layer 1 giants that a blockchain cannot be scalable, secure and decentralized at the same level. For example, bitcoin transaction speed is much slower than TechPay ; same is the case with Ethereum and other layer 1 blockchains.

Hence, all these incredible features make this Indian Project an award winning performer at the Crypto Expo 2022. TechPay is the fastest blockchain which is highly affordable at the same time with minimal fee as compared to higher fee and unaffordability of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

What are some other notable features. Why TechPay is fastest

There are some other notable features that makes TechPay the fastest blockchain like beating the EVM compatible blockchains. It has become highly recommended real tradable currency that can turn the tables in real world finance, logistics, and banking sectors.

So, everyone should consider notable features of TechPay in terms of being a contender to traditional blockchain technologies and in providing ease of doing digital business.

Techpay becoming Cryptocurrency that will give you triple profit :

Moreover, TechPay alongwith fastest, secure and decentralized blockchain it can also give you triple profit on your investment.  In such extreme periods of volatility, TechPay is still knocking with opportunities for investors to make money and triple their profits.

Digital assets have increased almost 191% in the world as compared to 2021 which is due to the consistent outperformance of award winning fastest blockchain 3.0 – TechPay .

TechPay is exciting the investors the most due to its smart contract and DAG consensus technology. It is because of the facts that Bitcoin, Ethereum giving only 7 and 13 Transactions per second and TechPay is outclassing them with 300,000 Transactions per second.

All these qualities make TechPay an award winning performer and this Indian Project wins the award of fastest blockchain just because of its consistency, outclass performance and becoming a profitable business for every investor in this chain.

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