World No 1 Pro Game from All Categories

Online games are the most trending topics nowadays. The gaming industry has experienced a massive boom, with the number of internet consumers increasing yearly and the rate of virtual technology improving.

Considering the addiction for the games at all time high among the smart phone users, with around 60% android players comprising the genre. Therefore, Android or mobile gaming as changed the course of long gaming industry and phase of new ventures.

Although, the craze for free game cannot be ignored in an aspect, but the rise of in app purchase has given a different boost to new genres and mobile gaming. The features and gameplay design is highly affected due to the demand of paid gaming.

Since the pandemic, gaming trend has immensely changed. With a lot more people engaging in online and mobile gaming, popular and trend setting games have arrived.

There are certain popular games which are eligible for title of World No 1 Pro Game. The games belong to different categories and genre. Almost all of them are being played on android platform.

Action & Adventure Games – World No 1 Pro Game

It is a tough competition when it comes to Action & Adventure games. Relying on the data and stats given by Google Play Store, there are top favourites eligible for the title of World No 1 Pro Game.

  1. PUBG Mobile
  2. Call of Duty Mobile
  3. Garena Free Fire
  4. Fortnight Battle Royale
  5. Apex Legends

Racing Games

Giving a tough fight to the Action genre, racing has been always the top favourites of players of all ages. When it comes to mobile gaming, there are ample of titles deserving for the reference of World No 1 Pro Game.

This racing category also encompasses simulators.

  1. Asphalt Series
  2. Hill Climb
  3. Need for Speed No Limits

Apart from the mobile gaming, racing games are also popular in the offline mode.

Most Downloaded Game

Although, the most downloaded game and the most popular game are two different categories, but both hold a significance when it comes to holding title of the World No 1 Pro Game.

Here is the selected list of the world’s most downloaded games on mobile platform.

  1. Minecraft
  2. Subway surfer
  3. Ludo king
  4. Candy crush
  5. Free Fire
  6. Temple Run
  7. Among us
  8. Pokémon

Most Popular Game of All Time

From the spectacles of mobile gaming, none can beat the popularity of PUBG. This action-based team player game has taken gaming industry by storm. By all stats and official data, PUBG is termed as the most popular and belong to the World No 1 Pro Game.


No one parameter or category can singlehandedly occupy the tile of number one game. Other factors such as user reviews, gaming performance, device compatibility, number of downloads etc. are critical when it comes to analysing the top games on every platform or genre.

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Top 10 games in the world.

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