World of Tanks Latest Update 1.13- Mechanics and Vehicles.

World of Tanks has revealed one of the biggest updates ever in the form of a new version of 1.13. According to this feature, it enhances the vehicles and combat effectiveness through advanced tanks and weapons. Today in this article we will know all the new updates regarding this version and understand every single hack. 

World of Tanks Latest Update 1.13- Mechanics and Vehicles.
Created By World of Tanks.

In this new update of 1.13, players will also get the experience of a brand new recon mission mode along with a high-resolution interface and the latest map. Here players can enjoy all these features at one time after cover all the aspects of World of Tanks. 

What are the features of this update of 1.13 World of Update?

World of Tanks consists of several features that are distinguished below according to their specifications.

  • New Mechanics
  • Complex Rework of He Shells
  • Changes to Vehicles and SPGS
  • Premium Tank Rebalancing
  • Mode Selection Interface
  • Replacing Blueprint Fragment

Apart from these, there are several other are exist that makes the new design for World of tanks. With your help, we completed a whole series of Sandbox, Common, and super tests. The changes we roll out in this Update will affect HE shell mechanics, SPGs and other vehicles. It was a complex task, but we succeeded together! Watch the tape below to learn added about how the new mechanics work.

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World of Tanks- What does this game about and what its specification?

World of Tank is basically an armed base type game that is dedicated to armour machines. Enter the free MMO action game script that includes a huge list of more than three hundred large tanks, beautiful graphics, and precise touch screen controls. is a short, full battle of 7-vs-7 tank battles where even real and different history clashes — no matter where you are!

World of Tanks Blitz is specially designed for the best online gameplay and is currently available on your iPhone, iPad and iPod bit.

One of the most important options for this great review is the hard work of the HE shells. within the new system, HE shells will be ready to enter the coils and cause damage with the intent of impact. they will be ready to enter screens, tracks, tires of car tires for the purpose of impact, in addition to non-essential or destructive obstacles. Learn more about reusable machines within the dedicated article below.

Another new feature is the reused Intuition perk, which can be accessed by Loader. it will be a talent that allows you to speed up the process of repairing the Shell type and can be accessed on all vehicles within the game.

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How do SPGS Vehicles convey the mode to World of Tank?

SPGs can currently have 3 types of shells accessible to them. all of which can include its combat objective, trajectory, and scale, so in the meantime, you may have a lot of action opportunities. Two of those shell variants will not cause a stun, which can significantly reduce the full duration of the battles. We also refined the SPG player interface.

World of Tank is one of the popular battleground armed games that become a part of an armour adventure game. A wide range of players who are fond of shooting game has preferred this game rather than other. Since its new updated version has revealed a lot of players struggling to get it.

Now, this 1.13 new version has been viral on the official link of Google Play Store so that players from any region get this and enjoy the game. 

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