YGG Group are a trio of dirt MCS

YGG (you go grime, formerly young grime gods) are a trio of dirt MCs. The group consists of founding members St. P (born Theophilus Xi Lene Aban-Mensa) and PK (born Alexander Denzil Bimdel Johnson-Cole), both of Camden, and later Lyrica Streley (born Mueluki David Mavu), who Were apart. Born in Ealing and grew up in Sunbury-on-Thames. The group has released music through Logan Sama’s Keepin ‘It Beige label, and is currently entered to the Flowdan Spent Shell label.

ygg group
YGG Group

He has received extensive airline service on Rinse FM, BBC Radio 1 and 1 Extra and NTS, [AJ] and has supported AJ Tracy on the tour. In 2017, he appeared in several festivals including Glastonbury, Cambridge’s Strawberry and Creem and Bristol’s Love Saves Day. In 2014, he played at the Detonate Festival in Nottingham, the Helios Festival in Corfu, the Pop-Kultur in Germany, and the Outlook Festival in Croatia.

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Cong00: Formation as YRS and change in YGG

In an interview with Big Xu on Radar Radio’s Joints show on 27 July 2016, PK described how the group originated as a five-member crew in 2006, until several members dropped out. He and Saint met Gayikal Straley through Novelist after a year as a novelist. PK and Lyorical Straley met in a nightclub queue once again in an encounter, and revealed that they were both attending Kingston University (studying music performance and criminology and sociology, respectively). Strictly invited to join the group as a third member.

Since the days of the Youth Center … I know the saint first from elementary school … From there, got into spitting for the first time and … Originally, it was a crew called YRS. Young rebel soldiers … The saints were not there when we made that decision, so the saints came back and it was like “Ras, I wanted to call it YGG”. Originally, there was still like five of its members … I’m not going to tell you their names …

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They are my bredrin, innit … From there, clearly some guy took it seriously and He fell over, and fixed the man and said that … We met Strally through November … Once I was on this uni ting … I was going there now and I saw L Esser, I ” what?” In the rave, in line, I was like “what are you doing here, famine?” He was like, “Here man goes!” I said “what? Link up!” Bam. I swear, we didn’t go to any class after this, famine, just shouting in the park, shouting loudly … I was already going to the radio with the saint … and then from there … I Said “Yo, Strawley Boy, come to us, please?” And that was it, YGG.

2010-2015: debut

Struggle’s first performance on live radio was at the pirate station Empire. PK and Sant have recorded music together since 2010, originally running in a studio in Kilburn. Songs dating from 2011 are available on the PK Sound Cloud account, including “Shut Your Mouth”, “Live”, “Radio”, “We Spit Grease” and “Worth the Weight”. In 2015, he appeared on West London MC AJ Tracy’s successful project The Front, on the track “Red Bull”.

2015-present: Breakthrough and world domination

The group’s first single, “OK”, was self-released on 19 September 2015, and premiered via FACT. Complex UK senior editor Joseph 7 JP ‘Patterson wrote of the song: “It’s a bouncy number … something Johial … There is now plenty of room for such a group in the market.” Reviewing the song for Quitus, Tomas Fraser stated that “how different their different styles are; Gayor Struley, Quick-White, Saint, Skippy and Fatafat with clear diction (if occasionally a little static) and P.K. ;, A loud, reassuring, reload-friendly MC with a reputation for turning upward already under his belt.

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“YGG’s second single” Don’t Talk Like That “was released on 5 January The 2016 song was featured by ID, and a remix featuring guest vocals from Spitz, Mike Ty, Big Zuu, Jay Amo and AJ Tracy was released in June of the same year.

In 2017, the group signed Keepin It Grimm, the record label for BBC and Rinse FM DJ Logan Sama. They released a standalone single titled “Bad” on 31 March, which was presented by pigeons and planes as an “immediate underground anthem”. The trio released their first extended drama, World Domination, on 28 November 2017 via Keepin ‘It Grimmie. The project consists of six group tracks as well as single tracks from each artist, and was preceded by the singles “Three IC3s” and the promotional single “Laika”.

In 2018, the group signed Flowdan’s record label and management company, SpentShell. PK released her four-track debut single EP, with the label on Bad Ombre 2, in a February 2018 interview with Notion, the other two group members revealed that they too have been working on the solo material: the lyrical Strally is a The upcoming song was titled “Main Chalki”, while Sant referred to the song titled “On Two”. On 2 April 2001, he released the standalone single “Strikers” through Aston Black, featuring the production of John Phoenix and Impe.